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We deal with aquaculture since 1984, when we started, in a very small scale, the first tests of breeding freshwater species in the springs of Bagnoli della Rosandra. The results were encouraging and we continued on this way, setting up a first support structure (today's point of sale). In the 90's we expanded the plant, adding an outdoor covered pool. With the growing demand for the product and the wish to offer products of exceptional quality, in 2012 we launched the facility at the springs of the Timavo river in San Giovanni di Duino.



Plant of Bagnoli della Rosandra

Start: 1984

Next enlargements: 1995, 1997

There are many sources of water in the water system of the Val Rosandra. Some of those fed the Roman aqueduct in the city of Tergeste, today's Trieste. One of these powers our aquaculture facility where we breed salmon. Our source, authorized also for human consumption, is intercepted already in the underground. The water sees the first light inside our facility. The breeding process is set up to reach the highest quality of the product: fishes come to the sale not before 3-4 years, meanwhile the fish bred for smoking have at least 5 years.

The plant is immediately adjacent to the Natural Reserve of the Val Rosandra.

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During this time we guarantee to our fishes the highest standards of life: the pool system is equipped with continuous monitoring of dissolved oxygen in water, we breed the fish in large spaces, distinguishing for low stocking density. Great importance is given to the cleaning of pools.

The plant is equipped with hatchery; the eggs are obtained from mature fish and integrated with purchases in Scotland. The fish pass the hatching phase and the first months of life in shallow bowls, specially made for cleaning and visual inspection. They are visible to the public through a glass wall.


Grown to about six inches, the salmons are moved to the outside pool, where they grow until the sale. Years and species are separated by nets.

The entire cycle is kept intentionally long, as similar as possible to the cycles that occur in nature. In this way the accumulation of fat in animals is reduced and the development of muscle mass is increased; qualities that we hope you will appreciate.

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. Position Sale point and Hatchery

Plant of San Giovanni di Duino

Start: 2011

Located in the natural site of the springs of the river Timavo, an area with a rich history focused on the abundant presence of water. The plant consists of several independent pools. The system allows an optimal growth of the fish, considering the abundance of water and its great availability even in periods of drought. The plant is in fact located in the immediate proximity of the aqueduct for the city of Trieste.

This facility is intended only to the growth of adults. It is not intended for public access.






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