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The farm offers an own type of beer, prepared in the plant installed in the farm's Agriturismo. The plant is complete: with it you can perform all the transformations required by the processing: grinding, cooking, separation of spent grain, centrifugation, fermentation and washing.

Many friends ask us how we make beer. It is similar to making wine, the whole difference lies in the raw material: while the grapes already contains the necessary water and are hydrated immediately after crushing them, malt grains are dried and resistant to crushing. We must first open them and then hydrate. Then fermentation follows the usual procedures.

In the plant, there is everything necessary for production; the public can see a large part of the brewing equipment: boiler firing, lautertun, whirlpool, fermentation tanks and maturation.


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The malt is ground in our mill just before the dough. Then it is added to the water in the boiler firing, the mixture is heated before being moved into lautertun. The must is obtained after boiling, it is cooled and then inoculated with the yeast. The fermentation is slow to obtain fresh beers.


Plant produces light and red beer, both based on our recipe.


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